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Real Estate:

Andy Brister has been involved in the closing of residential, commercial, and farm and ranch real estate transactions.  He is adept at representing clients, both buyers and sellers; assisting in title searches, preparation of legal documents, and all other aspects of real estate law.

Estate Planning:

Andy has 20 years of experience in Estate Planning, which consists of assisting clients with drafting wills, representing clients in court for will probates and successions prepared in order to transfer property from descendents to their heirs.

Corporate Entities:

Andy Brister, with his 20 years of experience, has honed his skills in assisting clients in establishing corporate entities, including Corporations, Limited Liability Corporations (LLC), and Partnership Agreements that will enable entities to engage in a wide range of business ventures.

Agricultural Law:

Brister and Brister has had much experience representing farmers and ranchers in the buying and selling of land, setting up corporations, and drafting leases to help farmers and rancher manage their business entities.

Closely associated with agriculture law, Andy also represents clients in the realm of hunting law. An avid outdoorsman with a love for recreational hunting, Andy is a natural at helping hunters and hunting clubs deal with the legal issues surrounding the sport.

Civil Litigation:

In his twenty years of practice, Andy Brister has been involved in many different forms of civil litigation including contract disputes, debt collection, family law issues, personal injury, and other forms of general civil litigation.

Personal Injury:

Andy Brister, with his 20 years of experience, has represented many people who have been victims of personal injury.  He focuses, particularly, on the following types of personal injury:

Brain Injury * Automobile Accidents * Wrongful Death


Brain Injury

One area of personal injury that Brister and Brister is particularly interested in is representing victims and their families who have suffered a brain injury.

Head injuries, even those from a seemingly mild blow, can turn out to be devastating, leading to a need for medical and rehabilitative treatment for the rest of the victim’s life.  The most common causes of brain injuries are falls, violent attacks, motor vehicle accidents, and sport injuries.  It is estimated that seventy to ninety thousand people suffer a traumatic brain injury each year.

    Some Common Symptoms of Brain Injuries:

           Physical:                                                Emotional:                                             Cognitive:

  1. Weakness/Paralysis                                   Mood Swings                                      Disorientation

  2. Unable to balance                                      Depression                                          Confusion Problems

  3. Changes in vision and hearing                  Poor Impulse Control                          Memory Problems

  4. Headaches                                                 Loss of emotional control                   Concentration

  5. Neck/Back Pain                                         Inappropriate Behavior                       Slurred Speech

  6. Seizures                                                    Personality Changes                             Language Impairment

Automobile Accidents

Driving is one of the most dangerous activities that we participate in on a daily basis.  Serious injuries often result from one car accidents or particularly, when two or more vehicles are involved.  When a semi (18-wheeler) or motorcycle is involved, chances of injuries increase dramatically.  In these situations, victims benefit from seeking a knowledgeable and compassionate attorney.

Andy Brister is experienced in helping his clients get the settlements they deserve after suffering injuries in automobile accidents.  Please contact the office of Brister and Brister at 1-318-559-5800 or 1-800-473-0295 for further information.  It is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible due to the statutes of limitations (a time limit placed on filing a law suit) that may exist.

Causes of Car Accidents:

This list represents just a few of the many causes of automobile accidents.

1.  Intoxication – the driver is impaired by drugs or alcohol

2.  Driver error – Speeding, running red lights or stop signs, and talking on cell phones or other distractions are all examples of driver error

3.  Bad weather – rain, fog, and other inclement weather can cause tires to lose traction or a reduction in visibility

4.  Road Condition – Bad road conditions, such as: pot holes, debris in the road, poor visibility due to tree or grass overgrowth, can lead to serious accidents.

Wrongful Death

Death is a tragedy under any circumstance, but it is particularly tragic when it is believed that it was caused by the negligence of another person or by an intentional act.  The family members left behind have the legal right to file a wrongful death suit if they believe their loved one died due to neglect or other intentional acts that led to death.  They can sue for damages such as:

  • Loss of financial support
  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of parental guidance
  • Medical and funeral expenses
  • Pain and suffering of the deceased and the deceased’s family

It is helpful to have a knowledgeable and compassionate attorney to assist with these types of suits.  Andy Brister is accustomed to the legal actions that are necessary to get positive judgments for his clients.